Feuer und Wasser

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Some pictures from CTCon’s LoK/ATLA meet-up/photo shoot!

It was lots of fun!


Asami (not bottom right one)

Mako (behind Bolin in group picture) 

Amon (from smaller group pictures)

I’m Iroh : D

Thank you to Lauren for taking pictures!


theres no such thing as to many pictures of this perfect family, they even knew all about lok and everything goodness ;u;

They rubbed noses with their pabu and bolins pabu it was so cute

(Source: nepetea)

Hands down, best part of CTCon (During our zombie photoshoot)

  • Zombie: I love the pretty flowers in the background
  • Zoey: New campaign name, "Death by flowers"
  • Francis: I hate flowers